Do you take customs or pre-orders?

Many people have suggested that we take pre-orders because our drops sell out so fast. If we did, we would have to limit the number and once we announced that pre-orders were open they would sell out just as fast. It really wouldn't change anything. If we didn't limit the number of pre-orders, we would get backed up and some of you probably wouldn't receive your purchase for several months.

Customs are more trouble than they're worth. 75% of the time, the customer decides it's not exactly what they wanted and we waste material and time on something we never would have made in the first place.

If you've read this, please don't message asking for pre-orders or customs.

Please respect our process. It works for us.

Can I reserve an item?

Nope! That's a basically a pre-order. Sorry, but this way everyone gets a fair shot and it's less stressful for me.

What materials do you use?

We use real pressed and dried botanicals. Some may be naturally dyed for a wider variety of colors.

We use jeweler's grade two-part Resin in all of our products. We try to keep it as clear as possible but sometimes microscopic bubbles may be visible. This is nothing to be afraid of.

All of our jewelry is hypo-allergenic, lead and nickel free.

Ear wires and posts are either 14kt gold, sterling silver, or copper.

The item I want is sold out. When will it be restocked?

If something is sold out, there's a good chance it will be restocked on the next shop update.

FYI - Not all items shown in the store are restocked with every update.

I went to complete my purchase and it said my item was sold out. What happened?

If more than one person has the last one in their cart, the person who completes checkout first gets it.

We can only make a limited number of pieces each week without neglecting our kids.

When is the next shop update?

The date and time of the next shop update is listed in the announcement bar at the top of every page. If it isn't listed, then it hasn't been decided yet.

We try to restock once or twice a month, but that may change sometimes as circumstances dictate.

How much will *** cost?

People often ask how much something is when they see the sneak peaks on Instagram. We don't figure out how much something will cost until we list it on the day of the drop.

My item doesn't look like the one in the picture. Wut up wit dat?

Each item is handmade and each flower is different. We do our best to be consistent. With earrings we try to match each pair of flowers as close as possible. It's a beautiful thing, nature is.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Not in the traditional sense of wrapping paper. But every item is nicely packaged, gift-ready.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We ship all over the world unless certain regions have been restricted. Any restrictions will be noted in the announcements at the top of each page and on the home page slide show.

Where's my order or shipping confirmation email?

Please check your spam folder.

Why does tracking say my package has been delivered when it hasn't?

We've seen quite a few instances recently where USPS tracking says a package has been delivered but it really hasn't and it shows up a day or two later.

Once a package is accepted by the USPS, Jupiter Oak is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. You should open a claim with the USPS or your country's postal service.

I lost one of my earrings, can you send me a replacement?

No, but you can buy another pair if and when they become available in the shop. Jupiter Oak, like every other store in the world, is not responsible for lost or stolen items after you have received them.

Caring and handling of your Jupiter Oak Jewelry

All our pieces are handmade. Please do not swim or shower while wearing. Do not expose to prolonged direct sunlight.